The Permanent Collection

M○C△’s Permanent Collection begins with the Genesis Collection: 246 artworks from 246 foundational crypto artists. It is an ideological tribute, inspired by fair distribution models, to recognize the people, institutions, and events that helped build Crypto Art pre-December 2020. The Genesis Collection will continue to grow over time, ensuring that M○C△ remains an encyclopedia of who was here in the beginning of Crypto Art, what they did, and why it mattered.

Browse the Genesis Collection on our website or on our dApp. Share your thoughts on the artwork there using the M○C△ Forum, which you can find here. In the spirit of transparency, all NFTs held by the Museum of Crypto Art Foundation Ltd. at any time can be seen on the Genesis Collection’s official Opensea profile (note, not every piece in the Opensea page is currently represented in the Genesis Collection).

The Community Collection

M○C△ Community Collection is our dynamic and decentralized curation in practice. It is a Crypto Art Social Network where anyone can add NFTs they classify as Artwork for free. The collection is aggregated from 3,415 users, each of whom have curated their own M○C△ Multipass and selected artworks to contribute to the Community Collection.

Today, it is the largest decentralized art collection in the world with 7,114 Crypto Artworks.

The Community Collection upends a traditional status hierarchy Museum model. We’ve removed the barriers museums traditionally erect between exclusive collectors and the public. Read more about the Community Collection’s ethos on our Medium page.

We love discovering new visuals and connecting with artists and collectors in the Community Collection. M○C△ Multipass profiles with the highest number of M○C△ Points can add the highest number of NFTs to the Community Collection. This way, we reward our most active members.

Pieces from the Community Collection are frequently included in larger IRL exhibitions worldwide.

<aside> 💡 Add your own NFTs into the Community Collection via M○C△ Multipass. You can extend the utility via M○C△ Points. Learn more in M○C△ Governance & Points.


Permanent Collection


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Community Collection


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