Ownership of $MOCA is influence in decision-making processes of the Museum. $MOCA enables participation in the curation of the Permanent Collection and submission of proposals for exhibitions. As the platform develops, $MOCA will offer tiered membership rewards and interactive social layers. In the long-term, $MOCA will lead our transition from a single curatorship to a quasi-DAO to a full DAO.

M○C△ Points allow users a stronger influence on the Community Collection. More points equals more curation: up to 100 NFTs can be directly contributed into the Community Collection. Your rank is visible on your M○C△ Multipass in the M○C△ Forum.

M○C△ Points: Rank List

<aside> 💡 Find the highest ranked community members on the leaderboard https://app.museumofcryptoart.com/leaderboard?tab=user-ranking


Use M○C△ Points on Snapshot

Utilize your MOCA Points on our official Snapshot page. The customized configuration allows MOCA to offer voting power that is aggregated from On-chain engagement, NFTs, POAPs, balances and staked tokens. These are the first steps to decentralize the governance of the museum.


How Can I Increase My M○C△ Points?

Owning M○C△ ROOMs NFTs grant a large amount of points. Holding $MOCA in your balance on Polygon or Ethereum increases your M○C△ Points as well. You can get a multiplier by Staking your $MOCA tokens while LP tokens (Quickswap pools) offer the best token-to-points ratio.

You can also increase your M○C△ Points by actively engaging in the community. Different POAPs grant points and even social activity in form of comments and likes increase your total Points.



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