The brand new Community Shows enables selected NFT projects to curate their presence inside the Museum of Crypto Art ecosystem. The tech stack is built on Polygon, aggregates multiple blockchains and works gasless. MOCA enables you to add an additional utility layer around your NFTs without involving smart contract risks (e.g. staking) to your NFTs.

Community members use M○C△ Show, our multi-player curation dapp, to bring their NFTs into the exhibition. With this novel, community-driven curation approach MOCA aims to further decentralize the community-driven NFT museum. Activate your assets onchain (capped to max 10 NFTs per day) via your M○C△ Multipass and add them to the showcase.


<aside> 💡 Only NFTs from the official punk contract are allowed.


Launch the Exhibition

The Cryptopunks - MOCA Show

Want to join the fun?

  1. Drop your ETH address / ENS under the tweet below
  2. Find your exhibitions in your dashboard
  3. Add your NFTs from the allowed contracts into the exhibit and press save

Join the Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) Discord Server!

<aside> 💡 If you stumble into questions or problems reach out to the MOCA team via Discord.


Full Smart Contract Call Transparency

In case you don’t trust the sign transaction that is required to register your Punk into you M○C△ Multipass we recommend you to switch your account into advanced mode. You’ll be required to change your RPC to Polygon and pay for the gas fees but you’ll have 100% transparency about what you’re signing.