Powered by our M○C△ Show product, Community shows enable user-curated and multiplayer galleries centered around a specific NFT collection, like Cryptopunks or Artblocks for example. Owners of individual NFTs from the particular collection have the option of opting-in their assets at will and in a gas-less interaction.

Why Is This Important?

Community Shows eliminate a traditional-art-world (TAW) culture of re-writing canon and history to reflect the desires of the most powerful global elite. Within M○C△’s mission of decentralization is a mandate to create tools which give a voice to any engaged users and communities within the NFT space. Our “bottom-up” curation system means anyone’s artwork can be showcased with simple actions, and curation is not gated by influence or stature.


<aside> 💡 MOCA Show can be embedded on any screen or projector with a single URL. Infinity mode allows the showcase of large exhibitions on any display size and even in OpenXR virtual worlds. Contributors of any showcased assets are linked in the UI.


Gated Community Shows

The latest update of M○C△ Show allows you to invite collaborators via POAP. Just search a POAP from your inventory and invite all your friends to the exhibition. These gated narratives can be curated by POAP holders with all the NFTs they’ve activated for the MOCA product suite.



<aside> 💡 A new mode limits the amount of NFTs that can be added to 1 per user. Our gated community shows add in scarcity to the equasion of your curation.


More Community Shows

The first few Community Shows test-runs are currently being populated. The list below will be extended over time as more communities onboard!

Artblocks + MOCA

Braindrops + MOCA

Creeps and Weirdos by DADA

Cryptopunks + MOCA

Aavegotchi + MOCA

Forgotten Runes + MOCA