What is a ROOM?

A ROOM is a virtual art gallery. Each gallery is an interactive 3D NFT that its holder can curate and its architect can update over time. This FAQ will focus on guidelines surrounding the ROOM submission process. For more general information please visit the ROOMs Wiki.

Getting Started

There are no specific design rules or aesthetics required for creating/submitting a ROOM. It is up to you to define what a gallery can/should be in the virtual world. Our only rules concern what we call “Slots,” or programmable zones for artwork. Each ROOM must contain a pre-fixed number of Slots (outlined in the table below). Before you begin building your ROOMs, please download the following ROOM Templates. For submissions to be considered, you will be required to submit a minimum Series of 4 ROOMs, one of each scale:





<aside> 📌 Note: In addition to Slots, each Template file contains a reference layer to identify the maximum “footprint” and “volume” that the ROOM can have. Your 3D design cannot exceed those dimensions.


Type Scale (Slots) Max Build Volume (meters)
ROOM 8 16m x 16m x 16m
ROOM 16 24m x 24m x 24m
ROOM 32 32m x 32m x 32m
ROOM 64 48m x 48m x 48m
WING 128 64m x 64m x 64m
WING 256 80m x 80m x 80m

Submitting my ROOMs

Once you’ve completed the To Do List (below) export a .glb file of each separate ROOM to include in your submission. ****Please double check this list and feel free to ask us for support in Discord.

To Do List: ☑️  Label Slot layers according to the template file(s): “Slot_001”, “Slot_002”, “Slot_003” etc.

☑️  Apply > Scale to any Slots that have been re-sized

☑️  Do not Apply > Rotation to Slot layers

☑️  Make sure your 3D ROOM sits at 0,0 and fits within the Max Build Volume