$MOCA inverts traditional art curation and market dynamics. The token allows for holders to preserve artworks and artifacts in a community-controlled Museum.

$MOCA reinvents Museums for a new era

M○C△ is a decentralized, publicly owned arts and culture project governed and curated by $MOCA holders. Artists, collectors, projects, and creative communities who are $MOCA holders decide the Museum’s trajectory and gain access to experiences within the Museum.

In order to effectuate the democratic and interactive goals of M○C△ we have chosen to build on Polygon. For more information on Polygon see here.

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Four Core $MOCA Utilities

Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection is reserved for collectors, artists, and communities who contribute artwork to M○C△.  $MOCA provides liquidity to contributors and ensures their artwork is preserved and established as important to the history of crypto art.

Museum Governance

$MOCA guides the Museum’s vision, mission, and values.  Holders will determine the trajectory of the project, its goals, its products, and Ecosystem Fund recipients.

Museum Curation

$MOCA enables participation in the curation of the Permanent Collection and the submission of proposals for exhibitions. It is a tool for the collective determination of historical and cultural relevance.

Personalized Experiences

$MOCA enables personalization of the Museum experience. Early access to new exhibitions, private events, special merchandise, airdrops, and tiered rewards will be offered first to holders of $MOCA.

How to Acquire $MOCA

You can find $MOCA on Quickswap as the ecosystem primarily lives on Polygon. Besides that there are several other options that allow you to acquire the token. You can learn about them below.



Option 1: Retroactive Airdrops

M○C△ aims to fairly and equitably distribute $MOCA to creators and collectors. We will start with a 300,000 $MOCA distribution to OpenSea users prior to December 31, 2020, in an effort to recognize those who bootstrapped the NFT marketplace.